Norman Pattiz is a Hulking Pillar of Networking in the Broadcasting and Advertising Media Industry

Norman Pattiz is like a massive tower in the broadcasting entrepreneurship industry because of the fresh breath of air and energy he keeps on infusing in the television world. His recent exploit of initiating the beaming of American-oriented televised messages to the whole of the Arab world is just one case among many.

According to Bloomberg, Norman Pattiz has established an American owned network of radio and television services that will disseminate the right democratic policies the US government is aiming to take to that part of the globe.

The keen interest he has in matters of news and information started in 1976 when the modest radio station he found developed into a major broadcasting syndicate which is presently the largest organization of radio networks in the USA.

The network of television stations that are not commercial like the CNN is the kind of enterprise he has in mind for the venture in the Middle East. Apart from the new network, he is deeply involved in other networks such as the Voice of America, Radio Free Asia, and Radio Free Europe.

In the past, both President Bush and President Clinton consecutively appointed him to the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States, a powerful organization that oversees all stations that broadcast global non-military affairs.

Currently, Norman Pattiz is riding high on the wave of podcast advertising after the release of study results about the impact of advertising messages through podcasts.

The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of PodcastOne, Mr. Pattiz commissioned Edison Research to carry out a comprehensive survey of the significant benefits advertising by podcasts had on the ability of consumers to recall unique brand messages relayed in the format.

The research brought on board five major national consumer brands in the product distribution and service provision categories. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

The outcome which was jointly announced by the Vice President of Strategy for Edison Research Mr. Tom Webster and Mr. Norman Pattiz the veteran broadcaster showed interesting trends. The focus of the survey was on both pre-campaign and post-campaign analysis of consumer reactions to grocery, lawn, and garden, financial, and an informal dining restaurant.

For the grocery brand, over 60% of the interviewees showed a preference in the post-survey analysis over the pre-survey campaign. Unsupported awareness of a financial service showed a 47% in the pre-study, and for a garden and lawn product distributor the index stood at 24% in the post-survey, and 37% of the respondents in the post-study showed a preference for a vehicle aftermarket distributor service. The survey was carried out in 2016.

The Facts about George Soros

Fact is always stranger than fiction. This is true for all sciences, from biology to chemistry. This truism also includes sociology, politics and history. And, there is no better example of this than the lifework of one George Soros. In a sense, it all ends where it begins. And then it moves around the world.

More specifically, his origins are Budapest, Hungary 1930. Where, George Soros lives uninterrupted with his family for 14 years. That is until the Nazi occupation of his home land forces his family to relocate to London, England. Once there, his life resumes with a new appreciation for getting the fullest value of every advantage offered. Of course, successful education and employment fall in suit.

The field of choice is finance and the institution in question is the London School of Economics. Soon after graduation, gainful service with Singer and Friedlander becomes the day-to-day activity. With time and a reserve of resource, he goes for the best and moves to New York, NY to work on Wall Street. Leaving Wall Street, George Soros finds being a portfolio manager with Arnhold and Bleichroeder more agreeable. And for a while, his life is more or less like any other where work, family, stability and security becomes the name of the game. However, his success does not stop there. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

After trekking cross continents to escape dangerous injustice and sailing oceans to land on the shores of privilege, George Soros rises in business and power. At the base of his tower is the Double Eagle Fund, which he turns into the Quantum Fund, along with the help of a fellow Bleichroeder colleague. This same colleague also has a hand in the starting of Soros Fund Management. Most importantly, this is around the time that George starts to put his hand on the wheel so to speak.

In time, the result of George sitting in the captain’s seat is the establishment of the OSF (Open Society Foundation). The very first of these foundations to be built stands in his Homeland. However, the foundations’ crown jewel rests in New York. The foundation’s purpose is to see that freedom, democracy, rule of law; human rights, social justice and social responsibility are known and practiced by all. It achieves this goal by making sure that particular organizations receive the funding that they need to do the work they believe in.

The organizations that benefit from the OSC run the gambit where their agendas are concerned. Some groups are fighters that explicitly and rightfully take issue with United States government policies and actions. Others are more about seeing social changes within the nations of the US. Others still make it their mission and focus to simply improve the quality of life and medicines available to their fellow man across the globe.

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How Was EOS Started

Before EOS was founded their co-founders were working for large multinational companies like Pepsi and Unilever and helping them to succeed in the marketplace. Their founders had extensive experience in the marketplace but had not created their own business despite their experience and entrepreneurial spirit. When they viewed the opportunity that was presenting itself in the lip balm industry they decided to take advantage of the opportunity and created a brand that succeeded in taking market share from competitors.

The lip balm industry was mature when EOS lip balm was first started by their founders. Brands were not changing their products and customers tended to be not particularly loyal to the various lip balms, choosing whichever product was cheapest or on sale. To customers, there was little difference between Chapstick and Blistex as the formulas and ingredients, as well as the canisters were pretty much the same. Customers weren’t expressing strong feelings for any of the brands out there.

EOS was determined to change that and create a brand that stood out. They used higher quality ingredients in their lip balm formulas and they decided to market their products differently using unique orb canisters and unique flavors that were not previously on the market.

EOS developed long standing relationships with several of the major retailers and was able to distribute their product for a growing audience. As customers began to seek out their products, the company expanded their footprint of retailers that carry their products and thus developed new retail relationships. From Walgreen’s and Target, EOS lip balm began to be sold in and Costco, thus becoming more widely recognized of a brand.

This strategy began to pay off and EOS ( ) experienced remarkable growth and becoming a major player in the lip balm industry. EOS was able to expand into other industries and grow their brand in unique ways.

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Fabletics Offers Swimwear and Beachwear

It is getting to be that time of the year where the weather is warmer and people are looking for ways to be cool. This means that a lot of stores that sell clothing are going to be selling items that are going to be designed for warmer weather. Among the items that people are going to be looking for are swimwear and beachwear. Fortunately, there are a ton of companies that are offering these products for people that are interested in going out to the pool or swimming around in the ocean. Among the companies that are offering these products is Fabletics.


One thing about Fabletics is that it is very unique among the fashion retailers. Among the ways that it is unique is in the clothes they sell. Their brand of swimwear is very stylish and durable. The staff behind the clothes of Fabletics have thought long and hard about the clothes that they want to give their customers. Therefore, they have taken their time to make sure that it is satisfying in every manner. People who buy from Fabletics are going to feel like they have made the smart choice when it comes to the clothes that they buy.


One good thing about Fabletics is that it makes sure that the clothes that they sell are made of material that is eco-friendly. Therefore, a lot of the fabric that makes up these clothes are recycled. They also make sure that they leave very little overhead. After all, when clothes do not get sold and the company has to get rid of them, they lose money. This is one of the reasons that Fabletics makes sure that the focus is on the customer. When they know what the customers want, then they are better able to supply those needs so that they can sell everything,


Another way that Fabletics is unique is that it uses a model that is similar to Sam’s Club. People sign up and pay for membership so that they can enjoy the savings they can get from the swimwear as well as other types of clothes.

Sawyer Howitt Ace Raquetball Player

Sawyer Howitt is a young and very talented racquetball player from the great northwest in the United States. Growing up in Portland, Oregon Sawyer Has developed his racquetball play at the Racquet Club located in beautiful Portland, Oregon.

The Racquet Club is a private family oriented tennis facility which offers strong racquetball and athletic programs for the entire family. The Racquet Club has been a mainstay in the Portland landscape for many years.

Sawyer Howitt is still a senior in school but has his focus on the business world when not playing racquetball. Along with his father, Sawyer has shown the ability to be up to any task ranging from financial needs to everyday operations of business.

Let’s get back to Sawyer Howitt on the racquetball court. Sawyer Howitt is a fine racquetball player where he plays singles, doubles, and mixed doubles. In his career Sawyer ha competed in the Oregon State High School Racquetball Championships as well in many matches being held at the Racquet Club in Portland.

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So you can see whether it is in the boardroom or at the Racquet Club, Sawyer can be found doing his best to further his career in racquetball and his business career. In the future look out for the name Sawyer Howitt!

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The Top Capital Strategist; Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar is a licensed senior attorney general hailing from New York. He graduated from Oxford University with BA and MA in law in 2000 and later joined the Columbia law school for LLM. He is highly skilled in legal and business development where he advises and helps manage business finances.

Art Station says that Sam Tabar has achieved a lot of accomplishments in his career since he started working as an associate at Skadden. In 2004, Tabar joined SPARX group and rose to be the managing director taking the responsibilities of business development.

He was also in charge of the global business marketing, and the company witnessed significant revenue and an increase of new potential investors by 2000.The achievement made the Bank of America admire his skills and commitment. In 2010, Sam left for Bank of America and his new role was to connect investors to networks and provide counsel to fund managers.

Being a capital strategist, Sam helped in managing the company’s finance saving them from poorly managed funds. His first accomplishment in SPARX being new in the career is much appealing as it shows his great potential in business management.

According to, Sam Tabar is very active in social media platforms featuring in Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram He seems to be very influential and has many followers on Twitter who are ready to benefit from his posts. Sam loves sharing ideas on the current development and emerging trends in the business, informing and educating the esteemed followers on financial matters.

Sam has established his unique business model; which he has used in working out some of the projects. In his business model, he focuses on using global issues to encourage the people to give back by buying the commodities. In the current Full Cycle Energy Funds Project, Sam Tabar supports the electrifying process which is environmentally friendly avoiding pollution and is a cheap alternative for the customers.

He is also very supportive of the community by ensuring the financial sectors play their roles in sponsoring society’s projects. Sam sponsors SheThinx a project aimed at providing sanitary towels to on-going school girls in Africa.

Naturally Cleansing, Without Shampooing

We are constantly looking for the next big brand that promises to make our hair the bounciest and shiniest it has ever been. However, not many of us sit down and do the research to learn about the ingredients of said shampoos. Some of the ingredients can cause more damage to your hair than good, like the emulsifiers that create a foam to pick up dirt and oil from our hair follicles. The problem, though, is some of the oils are needed for your hair to thrive! The solution? Washing your hair with a Cleansing Conditioner. No more shampoos!

As a successful hair stylist for some of the most well-known celebrities, Chaz Dean had to find a product that made his clients happy and their hair healthy. After not finding what he was looking for he decided to formulate his own product. The WEN Cleansing Conditioner comes in many different formulations, with Sweet Almond Mint being the original. It hydrates and cleanses all hair types, without drying it out. It also includes Rosemary extract to promote hair growth. For those that have different hair and scalp issues, such as dandruff, there is the Tea Tree Cleansing Conditioner.

Again, the great thing about the WEN hair product line, is the natural ingredients used. Many of the store-bought shampoos use harsh chemicals that can cause secondary effects. Chaz Dean takes pride in a product that can achieve the same results, if not better, but with natural oils and botanicals, and leaves your hair feeling healthy and looking beautiful.

You can purchase WEN hair on


THE EVOLUTION OF SMOOTH is a special, one of a kind brand of products which will only be available in this life time and in this life form….one time. With that being said, many have taken advantage of their numerous unique prices and products. After all, they say you only live once on this earth….so why not make it count, right?

THE EVOLUTION OF SMOOTH’s main web site page may be located at All products are available to order online on the EOS website and there as well. Shipping is some times included at no additional cost dependent upon the purchase.

Among such wonderful variety of products lies the EOS, or EVOLUTION OF SMOOTH. It is but one of many such wonderful brands within the world of lip balms. I highly encourage to lose yourself in this world, young ladies….and let your troubles be lifted away and lost inside of the many numerous colors and worlds to choose from. Beauty indeed takes the form of many products….and you want to keep those lips smelling fresh and feeling moist for that special guy, right?

To learn further for those of you who are more new to these products and to the world of lip balm beauty as a whole, I quote:

“….EOS lip balm® makes effective beauty products, including natural lip care products, that are designed to bring delight and style to daily routines. We combine premium ingredients with beautiful colors, invigorating scents, and delicious flavors. Our natural lip balm, hand and body lotion…” (, pg. 1 bottom of page)

One can see that there are always numerous options to choose from these days when looking for lip balm. In fact, many collect numerous lip balms and alternate between them as the mood seems best. This is advisable as well. You just need to see for yourself!

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How To Celebrate Without Stress

There are some people that have worked very hard throughout their lives. Therefore, these types of people deserve some kind of recognition and celebration. While it can be easy to celebrate and award someone for their hard work, it can be a bit harder for people to award a group of workers. For one thing, people are dealing with many different sets of desires. In a party, one is going to lose out in the process. Even when it comes to a vote, someone is going to lose out in the process. Fortunately, even for those that lose, there is going to be a good time for them.


One of the reasons that everyone is going to enjoy the event and even be amazed at what is offered to them is because of the event planners that people could use in order to bring the event to life. Among the event planners that people can hire is Twenty Three Layers. They have the experience that is needed to bring any type of event to life. They can take any expectation that is given to them and actually exceed them for their clients. Therefore, the party is always going to be a success.


Twenty Three Layers also factors in the request for the vote and even suggests that a compromise is made for the voters that have voted otherwise. Therefore, people will always be hit with a pleasant surprise because of the artistry and the enjoyment that goes into the work they do. Twenty Three Layers as a professional event planning company is always up for any type of challenge that is brought to them. They have a vision of the event and the type of fun that their clients are going to have when everything is set up and ready to go.

Find them in NY: 420 West 14th St., Ste. 2NE New York, NY 10014

How Cotemar has been able to get many clients at their doorstep.

Behind every successful company, there is a history that enabled it to reach to where is now. in the case of Cotemar company; there is a lot of history that many people are not aware of. The only thing many people know is that Cotemar is a successful enterprise dealing with petroleum and oil production.

Cotemar operations began in 1979 after it was founded with the aim of working in the energy sector as a service business. After some years, it developed and became the best offshore provider in the oil and gas industry what it is now. After nearly six years after it was founded, Cotemar was able to own its first rig. Through this, the firm was able to offer services that majorly dealt with the food and accommodation sector. It continued growing as years went by and ventured into new business types that connect with onshore oil extraction.

When it comes to offering services, Cotemar is known for offering quality services and not skimping when offering their services. Some of their major services they offer include marine support vessels. Their ships can transport significant structures or items that are required upstream, provide offshore maintenance and help in transporting liquids and oil taken from the field. The other service offered by Cotemar lies in the food and accommodation sector.

They can provide shelter for more than three thousand individuals while still providing food and laundry services. Other services they offer focuses in the maintenance, construction, modernization, and engineering sector. Here Cotemar is responsible for installing various structures and materials according to the client’s budget and preference. The firm also assures safety to all the items being transported to ensure nothing gets destroyed while being transported.

What has attracted many clients to Cotemar is the way the firm handles its customers and the way it has values that help it conduct its business. The company ensures it is dependable with all the clients and provides services that are the best. It also prides in ensuring they gain their customers trust making sure the clients gets exactly what they want at a given duration of time making everyone happy at the end of it all.

Creating a great company is not a matter of gaining more profits but rather finding new ways to employ to help in improving the end results and accomplishing the set goals. With this in mind, Cotemar is sure of continuing growing and developing to become the best petroleum company in the industry.

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