THE EVOLUTION OF SMOOTH is a special, one of a kind brand of products which will only be available in this life time and in this life form….one time. With that being said, many have taken advantage of their numerous unique prices and products. After all, they say you only live once on this earth….so why not make it count, right?

THE EVOLUTION OF SMOOTH’s main web site page may be located at evolutionofsmooth.com. All products are available to order online on the EOS website and Racked.com there as well. Shipping is some times included at no additional cost dependent upon the purchase.

Among such wonderful variety of products lies the EOS, or EVOLUTION OF SMOOTH. It is but one of many such wonderful brands within the world of lip balms. I highly encourage to lose yourself in this world, young ladies….and let your troubles be lifted away and lost inside of the many numerous colors and worlds to choose from. Beauty indeed takes the form of many products….and you want to keep those lips smelling fresh and feeling moist for that special guy, right?

To learn further for those of you who are more new to these products and to the world of lip balm beauty as a whole, I quote:

“….EOS lip balm® makes effective beauty products, including natural lip care products, that are designed to bring delight and style to daily routines. We combine premium ingredients with beautiful colors, invigorating scents, and delicious flavors. Our natural lip balm, hand and body lotion…” (www.evolutionofsmooth.com, pg. 1 bottom of page)

One can see that there are always numerous options to choose from these days when looking for lip balm. In fact, many collect numerous lip balms and alternate between them as the mood seems best. This is advisable as well. You just need to see for yourself!

Product Link: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Eos-Sweet-Mint-Lip-Balm-0.25-oz/15136069

How To Celebrate Without Stress

There are some people that have worked very hard throughout their lives. Therefore, these types of people deserve some kind of recognition and celebration. While it can be easy to celebrate and award someone for their hard work, it can be a bit harder for people to award a group of workers. For one thing, people are dealing with many different sets of desires. In a party, one is going to lose out in the process. Even when it comes to a vote, someone is going to lose out in the process. Fortunately, even for those that lose, there is going to be a good time for them.


One of the reasons that everyone is going to enjoy the event and even be amazed at what is offered to them is because of the event planners that people could use in order to bring the event to life. Among the event planners that people can hire is Twenty Three Layers. They have the experience that is needed to bring any type of event to life. They can take any expectation that is given to them and actually exceed them for their clients. Therefore, the party is always going to be a success.


Twenty Three Layers also factors in the request for the vote and even suggests that a compromise is made for the voters that have voted otherwise. Therefore, people will always be hit with a pleasant surprise because of the artistry and the enjoyment that goes into the work they do. Twenty Three Layers as a professional event planning company is always up for any type of challenge that is brought to them. They have a vision of the event and the type of fun that their clients are going to have when everything is set up and ready to go.

Find them in NY: 420 West 14th St., Ste. 2NE New York, NY 10014

How Cotemar has been able to get many clients at their doorstep.

Behind every successful company, there is a history that enabled it to reach to where is now. in the case of Cotemar company; there is a lot of history that many people are not aware of. The only thing many people know is that Cotemar is a successful enterprise dealing with petroleum and oil production.

Cotemar operations began in 1979 after it was founded with the aim of working in the energy sector as a service business. After some years, it developed and became the best offshore provider in the oil and gas industry what it is now. After nearly six years after it was founded, Cotemar was able to own its first rig. Through this, the firm was able to offer services that majorly dealt with the food and accommodation sector. It continued growing as years went by and ventured into new business types that connect with onshore oil extraction.

When it comes to offering services, Cotemar is known for offering quality services and not skimping when offering their services. Some of their major services they offer include marine support vessels. Their ships can transport significant structures or items that are required upstream, provide offshore maintenance and help in transporting liquids and oil taken from the field. The other service offered by Cotemar lies in the food and accommodation sector.

They can provide shelter for more than three thousand individuals while still providing food and laundry services. Other services they offer focuses in the maintenance, construction, modernization, and engineering sector. Here Cotemar is responsible for installing various structures and materials according to the client’s budget and preference. The firm also assures safety to all the items being transported to ensure nothing gets destroyed while being transported.

What has attracted many clients to Cotemar is the way the firm handles its customers and the way it has values that help it conduct its business. The company ensures it is dependable with all the clients and provides services that are the best. It also prides in ensuring they gain their customers trust making sure the clients gets exactly what they want at a given duration of time making everyone happy at the end of it all.

Creating a great company is not a matter of gaining more profits but rather finding new ways to employ to help in improving the end results and accomplishing the set goals. With this in mind, Cotemar is sure of continuing growing and developing to become the best petroleum company in the industry.

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MB2 Dental: a Leader in the Provision of Dental Management Services in the US

MB2 Dental Solutions Inc. was established in 2009 by Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva who also serves as the CEO. The firm provides dental management solutions to their affiliated dental practice offices in the US. Dr. Chris founded MB2 Dental after experiencing a lot of management challenges while practicing dentistry both in individual practice and in partnership businesses. Dr. Chris wanted to help dentists concentrate on their duties of providing quality services to their patients while his firm provided management services to their offices. For the few years MB2 Dental has been in operation, they have experienced rapid growth. Today, they service more than 60 affiliated dental practice offices in six states. This growth can be attributed to the quality of services they provide to their affiliated dental offices.


MB2 Dental Solutions has specialized in the provision of management services to their affiliated dental offices. Management of a health institution may seem simple, but in the real sense, it is very critical. MB2 provides professional management services in areas such as human resource. The success of every institution greatly depends on the services the employees deliver to clients. MB2 HRM department provides professional human resource services such as recruitment’s, welfare, payroll, compensation among others to their affiliated dental offices.


For a dentist to practice dentistry, he or she must have obtained a credential certificate. Credentialing is a tedious process which requires dentists to become affiliated with insurance companies so that they can receive third party reimbursements. Once a dental firm avails all the necessary documents to MB2 Dental, they handle all the credentialing process ensuring that every requirement has been fulfilled as required by the law. MB2 also assists all their affiliated firms in ensuring that they comply with the set dental regulations such as implementing an office compliance program, internal monitoring and regular auditing of clinical notes and charts. Furthermore, they keep their customers updated with any new requirement from the governing bodies.


The leadership teams at MB2 Dental Solutions have facilitated the success of their firm in great ways. The CEO Dr. Chris is assisted by distinguished professionals in running this institution. Mr. Puckett is experienced in the management of dental firms for many years. He had served as an executive at a Dental Practice Management Company in Texas where he triggered rapid growth. Other leaders include Justin Carroll who is the COO, Mark Fuller who serves as the CFO, and Martha Alikacem who holds the position of Chief Revenue Officer among other esteemed leaders.