Omar is the Savior of New Brunswick

Omar Boraie is the father of New Brunswick, and his tender heart is shown to the people of the city every day. During his run at the helm of Boraie Development LLC, he has instilled his vision of compassion for the city of New Brunswick, New Jersey. Together with the executives, Omar Boraie dreams of the day that New Brunswick is a thriving economic center like one of the European cities that he visited during his travels.


Omar Boraie is a tireless worker who has done what is necessary to grow New Brunswick. He is known widely as a strong philanthropist. However, he has worked his hardest to hide just how much he has given over the years. Unfortunately, went digging and uncovered a document that shows he gave $150 million to the city council of New Brunswick throughout the last ten years. They also discovered that Omar wanted none of the profits returned. Instead, he wanted the city council to set aside the funds and use them to pay for the education of anyone coming to a college in New Brunswick. Rutgers University was the major recipient of this wonderful cash donation. For more details visit Bloomberg to know more.


Sam Boraie and the Boraie Development LLC identified four areas where New Brunswick was weak. They would have to grow strong in these areas if they were to bring the city back from destruction. The first area where they were weak was in family communities. The second area where they were weak was in job security. Businesses were leaving the area, and no new ones were coming in. The third area where they were weak was in a strong middle-class.


Omar Boraie set to work immediately to make New Brunswick a better place for families. He did many things to help this happen. The one that is the most popular however is his Summer Movie Nights. Working with the State Theater, Omar Boraie provided seven free family-friendly movies to the community. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms to see more.


Omar Boraie then began working on the issue of unemployment. Omar Boraie sat down with Johnson and Johnson to see if there was a way he could get them to stay. Not only did they agree to stay, but if he would fund the project, they would bring a new factory to the area.


Omar Boraie then made the area much more attractive to middle-class professionals by selling them upper tier residences and office space.