When reviewing the most influential people in Paraiba, Roberto Santiago’s name is a must mention. He is probably the most visionary person in Paraiba right now. Since his entry into the entrepreneurial world, Roberto has done so much for the people of Paraiba. Over the years, everything that he has touched has turned to gold. The business skills that this man displays are amazing and most people can agree that if weren’t for him the region wouldn’t be where it is at the moment. Most investors come to Paraiba to invest their hard earned cash after seeing the vision that Roberto has for the area. They believe that the region is taking a positive direction towards economic success and will continue to do well with Santiago around.

Roberto Santiago’s birth in 1968 is probably the best thing that happened to Paraiba. The man who was born in João Pessoa, Madrid in 1968 has left a mark in every industry that he worked in during his entire life. He has come up with various enterprises, developed the existing ones and even planned for more in the near future. Some of the numerous contributions can be seen through the magnificently crafted pieces of architecture which are located in different areas in the region. A good example is the Manaira Shopping mall.

The mall is strategically placed at the center of the capital of Paraiba to serve those who reside in the capital as well as those that visit the area now and then. The mall is a perfect example of his contributions. It was opened in 1989 and has been undergoing expansions since then. Up to date, the expansions are five, and there are more that are yet to come. The enlargements provide more surface for business expansion as well as new ventures. Through this process, Paraiba continues to thrive both economically and socially.

When comparing the Manaira Shopping Mall to the other shopping centers in the region, it is the biggest and most industrious. From the outside, you notice the carefully crafted architectural design. When you get to the inside, you get carried away by the many activities that are taking place. There are countless businesses, food joints, fun activity joints like gaming stations, and a movie theatre where you can enjoy fantastic movies. This means that if a family visits the center, there will be plenty of activities for everyone to participate in regardless of their age.

Currently, there two hundred and eighty stores in the shopping mall. Its size and design reflect how Roberto prefers to carry out his businesses. People are yet to see the last of Roberto as he continues to plan great things for the future. The people of Paraiba are lucky to have him, and they will continue to praise him for generations to come.



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