MB2 Dental: a Leader in the Provision of Dental Management Services in the US

MB2 Dental Solutions Inc. was established in 2009 by Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva who also serves as the CEO. The firm provides dental management solutions to their affiliated dental practice offices in the US. Dr. Chris founded MB2 Dental after experiencing a lot of management challenges while practicing dentistry both in individual practice and in partnership businesses. Dr. Chris wanted to help dentists concentrate on their duties of providing quality services to their patients while his firm provided management services to their offices. For the few years MB2 Dental has been in operation, they have experienced rapid growth. Today, they service more than 60 affiliated dental practice offices in six states. This growth can be attributed to the quality of services they provide to their affiliated dental offices.


MB2 Dental Solutions has specialized in the provision of management services to their affiliated dental offices. Management of a health institution may seem simple, but in the real sense, it is very critical. MB2 provides professional management services in areas such as human resource. The success of every institution greatly depends on the services the employees deliver to clients. MB2 HRM department provides professional human resource services such as recruitment’s, welfare, payroll, compensation among others to their affiliated dental offices.


For a dentist to practice dentistry, he or she must have obtained a credential certificate. Credentialing is a tedious process which requires dentists to become affiliated with insurance companies so that they can receive third party reimbursements. Once a dental firm avails all the necessary documents to MB2 Dental, they handle all the credentialing process ensuring that every requirement has been fulfilled as required by the law. MB2 also assists all their affiliated firms in ensuring that they comply with the set dental regulations such as implementing an office compliance program, internal monitoring and regular auditing of clinical notes and charts. Furthermore, they keep their customers updated with any new requirement from the governing bodies.


The leadership teams at MB2 Dental Solutions have facilitated the success of their firm in great ways. The CEO Dr. Chris is assisted by distinguished professionals in running this institution. Mr. Puckett is experienced in the management of dental firms for many years. He had served as an executive at a Dental Practice Management Company in Texas where he triggered rapid growth. Other leaders include Justin Carroll who is the COO, Mark Fuller who serves as the CFO, and Martha Alikacem who holds the position of Chief Revenue Officer among other esteemed leaders.