Why Lori Senecal will be Celebrated by CP+B’s Professionals as her Leadership Tenure Ends this Year

Lori Senecal became a part of CP+B’s leadership team in 2015 as CEO. She is regarded as one of the founding global CEOs of the MDC Partners subsidiary. Before her appointment, she headed MDC Partners as president and CEO, a role that she continues to play beside her CEO role at CP+B.

In a recent statement released by CP+B, Chuck Porter, the company’s chair and co-founder, expressed his views regarding Senecal’s leadership tenure. He said that Senecal was the perfect executive to run CP+B, a company driven by nimbleness and flexibility of a budding enterprise.

Senecal’s Career Achievements at CP+B

Lori Senecal played a crucial role in ensuring that American Airlines signed to CP+B as a client in 2015. American Airlines, a leading provider of air transport services in the U.S., previously sought advertising services from TM Advertising. Senecal was also praised by CP+B executives like Chuck Porter for her role in developing a future-oriented leadership team for the advertising agency.

As a way of implementing Senecal’s leadership development strategies, CP+B promoted Danielle Adrich to the president of CP+B West. Aldrich was also involved in the signing of American Airlines as a client of the ad agency. She will head the operations of CP+B West, which comprises of CP+B Los Angeles and CP+B Boulder.

About Lori Senecal

Before joining CP+B, KBS sought Lori Senecal’s advertising expertise when she worked for the agency as the global chair and CEO. She facilitated the growth of the agency’s professional team. Due to her impressive leadership skills, the New York-based company earned several accolades. These include appearing in AdAge’s Standout Agencies list and Crain’s Best Places to Work in NYC list. Senecal also served as the president of McMcCann Erickson New York-based subsidiary.

Senecal won awards such as the Quantum Leap Award for Leadership and Innovation. She was also listed on AdAge’s list of Women to Watch for her exemplary performance as an executive in the advertising sector. These awards and accolades came after she held the global chief innovation officer position during her tenure at McCann Workgroup. She previously held board membership roles in 4A’s and Ad Council Board of Directors.

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