Sussex Healthcare Goes Above and Beyond to Provide Proper Care to Its Residents

Sussex Healthcare has arguably been the pentacle of providing care to the elderly and adults suffering from illnesses that require specialized care. The majority of the facilities the group of care homes operates are located on the southern coast of England. A lot of Sussex Healthcare’s success can be traced back to its stellar joint chairmen Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina. each of them brings something unique to Sussex and the skills both possess blend perfectly. For instance, Boghani possesses a background as a hotel manager and Sachedina’s medical background as a dental surgeon compliment each other perfectly. The two have spearheaded Sussex’s growth into an award-winning adult care network.

It has been over 30 years since the first Sussex Healthcare facility opened. All these years later and it has grown substantially operating more than 20 facilities and a cutting edge gym and daycare facility. Not to mention, its full care residential “houses.” Though Sussex has built a reputation as a company that specializes in providing care for older people dealing with dementia or Alzheimer’s, there is no age limit for adults with neurological disabilities and other cognitive issues. Sussex Healthcare prides itself on being diverse and capable of meeting the healthcare needs of both individuals with extensive care needs and those whose needs are more limited.

What really separates from Sussex from other care homes is its skilled and caring caregiver staff. The staff is thoroughly trained and equipped to take care of the people who call Sussex Healthcare facilities home. Sussex believes that all people under its care should be living a life worth living. Sussex Healthcare is actually in the midst of adding more caregivers to its network. For instance, it is in need of physical therapists, nurses, and administrative staff. Any carer who is qualified is encouraged to apply for a position though experience is not mandatory. Individuals with a positive mindset can receive full training from Sussex.

Fortress Investment Group Wins With Three Principal Categories

Fortress Investment Group an extremely successful alternative asset investment firm continues to impress with their proven investment formula that generates wins within the three principal category classes that have been the foundation for all their Investments. The three principal categories include Private Equity, Credit, and Permanent Capital Vehicles that generate profitable returns for it’s more than 1750 individual and institutional clients. Currently, Fortress has more than $43 billion asset portfolio and these asset classes’ falls within one of three principal categories that are leveraged to create extremely lucrative profits for the organization. The private equity division or category is run by Co-Chief Executive Officer Wes Edens and another principal Randall Nardone within the organization who serves as president.

Within the private equity category, Fortress Investment Group has major holdings as follows: New Fortress Energy, Global Signal, OneMain Holdings, EuroCastle Investment Limited, Nationstar Mortgage Holding, and Brookdale Senior Living to name a few. This asset class spans various industry sectors from financial services to infrastructure, healthcare, transportation, and energy. Wes Edens, a valuable asset to the organization and co-founder has continued to provide high-level guidance and leadership in the expansion of this lucrative category. The second principal category is the credit business. The credit business is run by Peter Briger who joined the organization in 2002 and quickly became a pioneer for the establishment of a strong and profitable credit category. Some of the highlight funds that are generating profitable results include the Fortress Credit Opportunities Fund, The Fortress Real Estate Opportunities Fund, and the Fortress Secure Lending Fund to name a few that specialize in illiquid and distressed credit investments.

The third category is The Permanent Capital Vehicles category that encompasses various independent publicly traded permanent capital vehicles that produce large gains throughout various industries and categories. The Permanent Capital Vehicles companies include EuroCastle Investment Limited, New Senior Investment Group, Fortress Transportation, and New Residential Investment Corp to name a few and they have generated tremendous results and profitable gains from the senior housing, transportation, infrastructure, and real estate categories. Fortress Investment Group continues to change the game and increase their assets under management through shrewd and strategic operations by its key leadership staff that is well educated and exceptionally skilled at their investment analyses. By leveraging the three principal categories mentioned above Fortress Investment Group is continuing to expand upon previous successes and increase their portfolio exponentially into the future with continued success.

Southridge Capital Expertise in Financial Solutions

Southridge Capital LLC is a diversified financial solutions firm specializing in advisory and direct investment services to both small- and middle-sized enterprises. Since 1996 the company has made thousands of direct investments of more than 1.8 billion dollars into growth companies worldwide. The expertise of the structured finance team lies in their ability to personalize a financial strategy for the prospective customer and then implement that strategy without fail.


Having financed more than 250 public corporations, Southridge Capital understands the concerns faced by every growing company, and the team has the expertise and right skills to offer advice on most corporate subjects starting from developing into a public firm to personalized financial methods to enhanced balance sheet management.


When it comes to advisory services, Southridge Capital provides clients with services that take into account all the footings. These services incorporate financial analysis where the firm creates detailed and projected financial statements in line with the operational and financial assumptions. The company provides Balance Sheet Optimization services, which assists firms in maintaining the correct balance between equity and debt as well as accessing mechanisms that will generate desired outcomes.


Southridge Capital also provides Acquisitions and Mergers services that help clients to find merger candidates with company models that align perfectly with their portfolio. When it comes to Restructuring Analysis, the company assists firms to take the best decisions to get the best restructuring results. Southridge Capital also specializes in helping clients with litigation settlement by outlining all the legal specifications clearly and minimizing the time and costs incurred by its customers.


The structured financial facet of services at Southridge Capital entails Financing Solutions and Securitization. The core executive team at Southridge understands that businesses are in dire need of financing are not able to take advantage of most of the opportunities they get. Among the Securitization solutions offered by this company is monetization of the existing assets of a firm via loans against the capital, insider shares or a set of other assets. Additionally, Southridge Capital works directly with the companies’ creditors to liquidate any debt in support of common stock which helps the firms increase their creditworthiness.


Southridge Capital also nurtures social responsibility through both informal and formal philanthropy. The company promotes community leadership and volunteer work and giving to strengthen and improve their firm and to have a positive effect on communities and the society as well. Check out  their facebook page  for more details.



Fortress Investment Group, Unfailing Ministration

Fortress Investment Group is a sophisticated and highly functional bank which has about 43.6 Billion Dollars in assets that they manage on behalf of the people who come to them for shelter as far as investment acumen is concerned. They were founded in the year of 1998 and they have indeed proven themselves to be worthy within the regions of the financial market place. Certain institutions and financial giants would come to them with intents of protecting, growing, and seeking surveillance for their profits. They are undoubtedly one of the most excellent options out there for anyone who might even be curious or later become interested in building serious sums of wealth. They believe in becoming stronger everyday in the field and science of money management.

They utilize a few general strategies to help massive amounts of wealth to be kept in the right hands. They have about six and a half billion dollars in private equities which is where they focus in on attaining the assets that provide a consistent stream of cash flow for the client involved in the collaboration. Then there is permanent capital vehicles whose investments lie inside of the treasuries of real estate, public transportation, construction, and other infrastructures which adds up to a total of 7.8 billion in trusted assets. Then there are existing acccounts under Fortress Investment Group with a total of 15.1 billion dollars of acredited private equities which specialize in investing for items of increasing value even though the current prices are lower than it should be at the given times. Fortress Investment Group also operates an even 8.9 billion dollars in lending assets to investment purposes. They are prestigious and well developed in their services to clients everywhere.They are very good at what they do and do not hesitate to learn to earn when it comes to the asset management to large sums of the fiscal matters.

In areas that they demonstrate competency in it only proves to show the amount of dependability the company and business structure possess. They take steady aim at the activities neccessary to grab the assets which they keep the money safe in. They are especially interactive on the inside by building long term connections with the individuals who own the cash machines. Fortress Investment Group does all the back testing rather than leave it up to the clients responsibility. They make certain of what it is they are getting into because of their role in the performances of protecting assets, whether it be from a whole corporate body or from a high net worth individual who wants their money to rest and grow at the same time. Recently as well in the sector of credit hedge funds they sought out to help in the development of the 2010 winter games, but as numbers foretold the people hosting the winter games would be in incredulous debt and would not be happy with the compounding interest payments they would become liable to on behalf of Fortress Investment Group.


Duda Melzer, Serving Country and Family

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is a successful family based entrepreneur from Brazil. Being the CEO of Grupo RBS and also the founder of e.Bricks Digital, he certainly has taken on a large task. Duda’s refreshing approach to business is seen in his leadership. His belief is that the family unit is the backbone of his business. The primary business of Grupo RBS has been around for nearly half a century. Duda succeeded his uncle as CEO and chairman of the board of directors in recent years. After reorganization, he also formed e.Bricks Digital as a segway into the digital media market.

Duda Melzer’s remodeling served its purpose well. e.Bricks Digital has provided venture capital funding to Brazilian businesses needing to become established online. This required establishing a formula for online success to be certain that these businesses would be successful online. After establishing rather stringent criteria, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer picked several winners to receive funding. Among these businesses are a wine distributor and a contemporary art show in Porto Alegre. Although nearly any type of business is allowed to apply for funding, the actual approval process is limited to businesses that can prove a track record of success in traditional business. They must also show a promising future online. Visit Valor to know more.

According to Globo, while Duda Melzer may seem as if he’s all about business, he’s a family man as well. He has two children he enjoys spending time with. He’s also involved in his family’s charity of the Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho Foundation. The group works with Brazil’s government to raise awareness of social issues affecting the country’s youth. Going above and beyond is nothing new for Duda. He graduated from Harvard University with an MBA and has continued his education beyond the graduate level. Receiving accolades throughout the years, Duda’s persistence and hard work continue to benefit his country, his family and himself.

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Right Or Wrong?

What Will It Be?

Much recent speculation has arisen regarding Warren Buffett’s recent wager of $1 million to charity in hopes that he can achieve better investments through hedge fund managers and S&P 500 passive index funding. The bet is set to be decided in full by the end of this year though it currently seems to hold Mr. Buffett in high odds. Is he right, or is he wrong? Only time will tell. With eight months left in the year, the wait is not long.

CNBC currently claims that Mr. Buffett is incorrect and that there are too many mediocre and expensive funds currently shortchanging investment strategists, likewise questioning his commitment to low costs and simpler investments for the long haul. Mr. Warren Buffett approaches the game through bottom-up investing, diligently scrutinizing companies one by one to build a long-lasting portfolio; his approaches worked for many decades, so most don’t question his methods. In a recent shareholder letter, Mr. Buffett offered his perspectives and mentioned the importance of consumer wariness on product labeling. He mentions that the active versus passive debate is one that occurs across all industries and does not only serve investors.

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Timothy Armour

Timothy Armour earned his bachelor’s degree at Middlebury College. He has worked long and hard to become the man he is today: Capital Group’s CEO and top chairman. Timothy Armour began working out of Capital Group’s Associates Program many years ago.

Surrounding the recent Post-Trump market changes, Armour prudently notes:

“The market has signaled, voted and is running with it. These things are huge and profound, and one has to decide whether you believe it…I think it’s real . . . interest rates have been declining pretty much for my whole career, and my guess is that we’ve seen the bottom.”

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