Betsy DeVos and Her Work in Education and Philanthropy

President Trump’s billionaire secretary of education has a long history of putting her money where her views are. Betsy DeVos has lavished millions to support religious organizations, charter schools, and privatize public schools. She and her husband founded the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, which “focuses on education, community, the arts, justice, and leadership.”



Some of the organizations Mrs. DeVos and her family supported include The Heritage Foundation, Mars Hill Bible Church, American Enterprise Institute, the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, West Michigan Aviation Academy, ArtPrize, and the Foundation for Excellence in Education. She also serves as chairman of the Alliance for School Choice and the American Federation for Children.



Mrs. DeVos comes from a wealthy family in Michigan and married an heir to one of America’s affluent families, so it’s not really surprising why she and her family have managed to donate millions to various charities in the US.



She is the daughter of Edgar and Elsa Prince. Her father was an immensely successful industrialist, developer, and engineer who founded Prince Corp. Mrs. DeVos in-laws aren’t your ordinary people either. Her husband’s parents happen to be Richard and Helen DeVos. Richard DeVos is the co-founder of Amway, and owner of the Orlando Magic basketball team.



Growing up, the young Betsy attended Holland Christian High School in Michigan. She earned her degree in business administration and political science in Calvin College in Grand Rapids. Echoing her parent’s choice of schools, Mrs. DeVos also sent her children to private Christian schools.



Her appointment as the secretary of education was met with mixed reactions. The inner workings of Congress were fairly new to the billionaire philanthropist, but that’s not to say she isn’t familiar with the political system. Previously, she served as chair for the Michigan Republican Party.



In 1990, her husband was elected to the State Board of Education. He tried his luck in politics too and run for governor of Michigan in 2006, but lost to Democrat Jennifer Granholm.



According to President Trump, Mrs. DeVos is a “brilliant and passionate education advocate.” Her work in the education sector spans more than three decades, serving as an advocate for children and a voice for parents. Her goal is to allow each child in America to get a quality education, regardless of their economic backgrounds.



Perhaps her passion for education was influenced by her mother who was a public school teacher. As Betsy grew, it dawned on her that not all children in America had the opportunity to get a quality education. Upon getting her degree, she joined her hometown leaders and worked hard to provide equal educational opportunities for children.



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Shafik Sachedina The Dental Surgeon

Culture refers to norms and traditions that a group of individuals adheres to in their daily activities. It is vital as it helps to create a sense of belonging and identity among the members. There are many cultures around the world. However, many of them are quickly fading away due to modernization. Some communities have come up with various mechanisms to safeguard and ensure that the culture remains intact for generations to come.

Ismaili communities are an example of a group that focuses on educating people and preserving their culture through several institutions of learning. Every institution requires proper management in order to flourish. Shafik Sachedina is in charge of coordinating various activities of the institutions located in different areas. Through his work at the Ismaili institutions, he has proven to be a great leader and manager.

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Shafik Sachedina started his career at a young age and has since been able to gain an excellent reputation in the health sector due to his quality services. His philanthropic nature clearly manifests through his role at various charitable organizations such as the Agha Khan, unlike many entrepreneurs who are purely profit oriented. Under his outstanding leadership, Sussex Healthcare has received awards due to its relentless efforts to provide services to the old people and those with mental illnesses.


Betsey DeVos Tries to Help Others

One of the hallmarks of Betsey DeVos and her career is that she always works to make sure that she is helping other people. She does what she can to show people that she cares and uses the money that she has to be influential with the different things that are going on in the world. Betsey DeVos has always been a philanthropist and she has done many things that are related to philanthropy through help with the education system. She wants to be sure that people are able to get the education that they need and that they will be able to enjoy themselves through the different things that they have. Education is a necessity and Betsey DeVos has done a lot to make sure that it is accessible, that it is affordable and that children can get the highest quality education possible so they can be successful.


Since Betsey DeVos knows a lot about both education and poverty, she does what she can to make it more accessible for people who are in poverty-stricken situations. For example, she wants to make sure that even poor people are able to get an education that is better than the public education that they are offered. She knows that public education will not suit the needs of every child and that it can actually be detrimental to put each child into the same situation so that they have to do the same type of education even if it doesn’t work for them.

One thing that often happens in situations like these is that people are not able to get the education that they need because it is not affordable. People who are unable to get the food that they need to be able to survive are certainly not going to be able to afford a private education for their children. Betsy DeVos wants to make sure that even poor children can go to private school by creating voucher programs for them to get the most out of their education. It is something that she has been committed to from the first day of her philanthropy. Read more about her philanthropy at MLive.

Another aspect of the philanthropic ventures Betsy DeVos has been able to do is the fact that she has been influential in creating charter school opportunities. She recognizes that not everyone is able to learn the same way. For those people, charter schools seem to work best. They get the high quality that comes with a private school. This is all done in a free setting that is similar to a public school. Classroom sizes are smaller, though, and children can get the attention that they need while they are attending the charter school through the district.

Bob Reina Goes Into Great Length About His Business

Bob Reina probably wasn’t the first person that the IT world thought would really make his imprint on video email and live chat marketing, but his dedication to a company he thought up with an off-the-wall idea has created a buzz in nearly every corner of the video marketing spectrum. His company, Talk Fusion has several video products including video email recording, newsletters, one-on-one chat and live meetings, and signup forms for eCommerce websites. Bob Reina has been interviewed several times about his work and Inspirery is one of the latest media sources to speak to him.Learn more :


Reina said he left his former job as a police officer because the long hours and rather slim paycheck limited what he truly wanted to do with his dreams. He had been a part of several multilevel marketing companies before building Talk Fusion, but all of them were unsteady and some ended up folding. It was while viewing a house in North Carolina and being unable to send videos he had taken of it through AOL’s mail that Reina decided video email and mass communications would be his company niche. It was with the aid of his friend Jonathan Chen, a software developer that Reina had his Talk Fusion products hit the market.Learn more :


Helping people succeed by promoting Talk Fusion’s multilevel marketing model and bringing ideas to the company that everyone believes in are what really drives Bob Reina. He said he brought Talk Fusion into the mainstream by first telling his former coworkers on the police force about it, and then spreading the word from there. Reina believes in the power of personal stories to get audience’s attention and storytelling is one video marketing trend he’s written about in various columns. Reina is an author for the Huffington Post and from time to time contributes columns to MarTech Advisor.


Reina has always been active in his Tampa community as both a donor and a volunteer. He loves animals and has given millions in charity to the Tampa Humane Society and has been seen at local shelters. He also sponsors orphanages in east Asia and also launched a donation initiative to help victims in the Nepal earthquake a few years ago.Learn more :


The Facts about George Soros

Fact is always stranger than fiction. This is true for all sciences, from biology to chemistry. This truism also includes sociology, politics and history. And, there is no better example of this than the lifework of one George Soros. In a sense, it all ends where it begins. And then it moves around the world.

More specifically, his origins are Budapest, Hungary 1930. Where, George Soros lives uninterrupted with his family for 14 years. That is until the Nazi occupation of his home land forces his family to relocate to London, England. Once there, his life resumes with a new appreciation for getting the fullest value of every advantage offered. Of course, successful education and employment fall in suit.

The field of choice is finance and the institution in question is the London School of Economics. Soon after graduation, gainful service with Singer and Friedlander becomes the day-to-day activity. With time and a reserve of resource, he goes for the best and moves to New York, NY to work on Wall Street. Leaving Wall Street, George Soros finds being a portfolio manager with Arnhold and Bleichroeder more agreeable. And for a while, his life is more or less like any other where work, family, stability and security becomes the name of the game. However, his success does not stop there. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

After trekking cross continents to escape dangerous injustice and sailing oceans to land on the shores of privilege, George Soros rises in business and power. At the base of his tower is the Double Eagle Fund, which he turns into the Quantum Fund, along with the help of a fellow Bleichroeder colleague. This same colleague also has a hand in the starting of Soros Fund Management. Most importantly, this is around the time that George starts to put his hand on the wheel so to speak.

In time, the result of George sitting in the captain’s seat is the establishment of the OSF (Open Society Foundation). The very first of these foundations to be built stands in his Homeland. However, the foundations’ crown jewel rests in New York. The foundation’s purpose is to see that freedom, democracy, rule of law; human rights, social justice and social responsibility are known and practiced by all. It achieves this goal by making sure that particular organizations receive the funding that they need to do the work they believe in.

The organizations that benefit from the OSC run the gambit where their agendas are concerned. Some groups are fighters that explicitly and rightfully take issue with United States government policies and actions. Others are more about seeing social changes within the nations of the US. Others still make it their mission and focus to simply improve the quality of life and medicines available to their fellow man across the globe.

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