Jose Auriemo Neto and His Work for JHSF

Founded in 1972 by two brothers, the brothers argued about the company’s direction and divided the company into two companies in 1995. These companies were called JHSF and JHSU. Each of the brothers took the helm of one of the companies. Fabio Auriemo became head of JHSF, a real estate development company. In the years since the brothers made up and have resumed their close family relationship but have remained with separate companies. In recent years, Fabio’s son Zeco assumed the role of CEO of the company in the wake of his retiring father.

As a young teenager, he participated in the International Youth Encounter hosted by Tokyo and also played on an amateur football team in Norway. When only 17-years-old he started his own company, a network of parking lots. That same year he graduated high school and then started studying engineering in college. He soon dropped out, opting to pursue a career in the family business instead. Through the next few years, he worked his way upwards through the ranks by working hard and proving his energetic leadership qualities.

He has always been so committed to his work at JHSF that he even works during his vacations. Most of a normal work week is filled with work, but he does like to find time to play golf and absolutely prioritizes spending quality time with his family. He and his wife have a family of three children. As mentioned golf is his favorite hobby. Unfortunately, most weeks he is too busy for any golf at all since he works almost every day from 8 am till about 9 pm.

Marc Sparks: The Ideal 21st Century Entrepreneurial Star

Marc Sparks is a highly successful venture capitalist based in Dallas, TX. His name will always feature among the legendary industrialists of the 21st century. After graduating from high school in Austin, TX, in 1975, Sparks has had more than a dozen successful business startups. He summarizes his 34-year old passion for commerce as follows: “God gives us challenges and devastating circumstances so we understand the responsibilities that come with success and to keep us humble. One never forgets when or where he earned his scars in life.” Learn more:


Marc Sparks’ Steel Determination


As a man who got a C+ in his high school examinations, it never ceases to amaze that Marc now has hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of self-made products and companies to his name. Interestingly, Marc has no formal training in entrepreneurship: Natural instinct and experience are the basis of his success in business.


Spark’s passion is building companies on ideas many people may term as unachievable. His go-getter attitude is what sets him apart from other investors. The belief in his ability and keen attention to details make it possible for his startups to grow into profitable companies. Learn more:


Marc Sparks Philanthropist, Author, and Serial Entrepreneur


Marc Sparks is the originator and CEO of Timber Creek, LP. Besides his passion for experimenting with trade ideas, he also writes and gets involved in philanthropy. In his book, “They Can’t Eat You,” Sparks outlines how he helps people turn business thoughts into profitable companies. Learn more:


Marc maintains a handful of portfolio companies in his “private” equity firm, Timber Creek Capital, LP. Once he takes up an initial trade idea, Marc will proceed to establish not only a business model but a company culture as he develops both short-term goals and long-range growth plans. Marc is a manager who leads by example, always setting the patterns for his entire team to follow.


On how he runs his companies, Marc says, “My door is always open; We meet in real time, right NOW! Everyone calls it ‘Sparks Speed.’ I figure by the time I could set up a meeting and reserve conference rooms, I could just resolve the challenge instead.”


As a philanthropist, Marc Sparks has helped Habitat for Humanity construct housing for financially challenged families. His Sparkey’s Kids donated 1,000 laptops to underprivileged children. Sparks is a partner to The Samaritan Inn, which shelters 160 homeless people in Texas every night.


How Marc Sparks Inspires Young Entrepreneurs


Through Timber Creek Capital, Marc Sparks also assists young venture capitalists by providing the necessary monetary and intellectual capital, accounting, graphic and web development, office space. Timber Creek Capital will also guide on customer service expertise, banking, marketing, networking, banking, and legal consulting. Marc’s story is one many can relate to and yet inspire so many investors to struggle towards achieving their dreams always. Learn more: