The Top Capital Strategist; Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar is a licensed senior attorney general hailing from New York. He graduated from Oxford University with BA and MA in law in 2000 and later joined the Columbia law school for LLM. He is highly skilled in legal and business development where he advises and helps manage business finances.

Art Station says that Sam Tabar has achieved a lot of accomplishments in his career since he started working as an associate at Skadden. In 2004, Tabar joined SPARX group and rose to be the managing director taking the responsibilities of business development.

He was also in charge of the global business marketing, and the company witnessed significant revenue and an increase of new potential investors by 2000.The achievement made the Bank of America admire his skills and commitment. In 2010, Sam left for Bank of America and his new role was to connect investors to networks and provide counsel to fund managers.

Being a capital strategist, Sam helped in managing the company’s finance saving them from poorly managed funds. His first accomplishment in SPARX being new in the career is much appealing as it shows his great potential in business management.

According to, Sam Tabar is very active in social media platforms featuring in Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram He seems to be very influential and has many followers on Twitter who are ready to benefit from his posts. Sam loves sharing ideas on the current development and emerging trends in the business, informing and educating the esteemed followers on financial matters.

Sam has established his unique business model; which he has used in working out some of the projects. In his business model, he focuses on using global issues to encourage the people to give back by buying the commodities. In the current Full Cycle Energy Funds Project, Sam Tabar supports the electrifying process which is environmentally friendly avoiding pollution and is a cheap alternative for the customers.

He is also very supportive of the community by ensuring the financial sectors play their roles in sponsoring society’s projects. Sam sponsors SheThinx a project aimed at providing sanitary towels to on-going school girls in Africa.