Sawyer Howitt Ace Raquetball Player

Sawyer Howitt is a young and very talented racquetball player from the great northwest in the United States. Growing up in Portland, Oregon Sawyer Has developed his racquetball play at the Racquet Club located in beautiful Portland, Oregon.

The Racquet Club is a private family oriented tennis facility which offers strong racquetball and athletic programs for the entire family. The Racquet Club has been a mainstay in the Portland landscape for many years.

Sawyer Howitt is still a senior in school but has his focus on the business world when not playing racquetball. Along with his father, Sawyer has shown the ability to be up to any task ranging from financial needs to everyday operations of business.

Let’s get back to Sawyer Howitt on the racquetball court. Sawyer Howitt is a fine racquetball player where he plays singles, doubles, and mixed doubles. In his career Sawyer ha competed in the Oregon State High School Racquetball Championships as well in many matches being held at the Racquet Club in Portland.

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So you can see whether it is in the boardroom or at the Racquet Club, Sawyer can be found doing his best to further his career in racquetball and his business career. In the future look out for the name Sawyer Howitt!

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