Marc Sparks: The Ideal 21st Century Entrepreneurial Star

Marc Sparks is a highly successful venture capitalist based in Dallas, TX. His name will always feature among the legendary industrialists of the 21st century. After graduating from high school in Austin, TX, in 1975, Sparks has had more than a dozen successful business startups. He summarizes his 34-year old passion for commerce as follows: “God gives us challenges and devastating circumstances so we understand the responsibilities that come with success and to keep us humble. One never forgets when or where he earned his scars in life.” Learn more:


Marc Sparks’ Steel Determination


As a man who got a C+ in his high school examinations, it never ceases to amaze that Marc now has hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of self-made products and companies to his name. Interestingly, Marc has no formal training in entrepreneurship: Natural instinct and experience are the basis of his success in business.


Spark’s passion is building companies on ideas many people may term as unachievable. His go-getter attitude is what sets him apart from other investors. The belief in his ability and keen attention to details make it possible for his startups to grow into profitable companies. Learn more:


Marc Sparks Philanthropist, Author, and Serial Entrepreneur


Marc Sparks is the originator and CEO of Timber Creek, LP. Besides his passion for experimenting with trade ideas, he also writes and gets involved in philanthropy. In his book, “They Can’t Eat You,” Sparks outlines how he helps people turn business thoughts into profitable companies. Learn more:


Marc maintains a handful of portfolio companies in his “private” equity firm, Timber Creek Capital, LP. Once he takes up an initial trade idea, Marc will proceed to establish not only a business model but a company culture as he develops both short-term goals and long-range growth plans. Marc is a manager who leads by example, always setting the patterns for his entire team to follow.


On how he runs his companies, Marc says, “My door is always open; We meet in real time, right NOW! Everyone calls it ‘Sparks Speed.’ I figure by the time I could set up a meeting and reserve conference rooms, I could just resolve the challenge instead.”


As a philanthropist, Marc Sparks has helped Habitat for Humanity construct housing for financially challenged families. His Sparkey’s Kids donated 1,000 laptops to underprivileged children. Sparks is a partner to The Samaritan Inn, which shelters 160 homeless people in Texas every night.


How Marc Sparks Inspires Young Entrepreneurs


Through Timber Creek Capital, Marc Sparks also assists young venture capitalists by providing the necessary monetary and intellectual capital, accounting, graphic and web development, office space. Timber Creek Capital will also guide on customer service expertise, banking, marketing, networking, banking, and legal consulting. Marc’s story is one many can relate to and yet inspire so many investors to struggle towards achieving their dreams always. Learn more:


Betsey DeVos Tries to Help Others

One of the hallmarks of Betsey DeVos and her career is that she always works to make sure that she is helping other people. She does what she can to show people that she cares and uses the money that she has to be influential with the different things that are going on in the world. Betsey DeVos has always been a philanthropist and she has done many things that are related to philanthropy through help with the education system. She wants to be sure that people are able to get the education that they need and that they will be able to enjoy themselves through the different things that they have. Education is a necessity and Betsey DeVos has done a lot to make sure that it is accessible, that it is affordable and that children can get the highest quality education possible so they can be successful.


Since Betsey DeVos knows a lot about both education and poverty, she does what she can to make it more accessible for people who are in poverty-stricken situations. For example, she wants to make sure that even poor people are able to get an education that is better than the public education that they are offered. She knows that public education will not suit the needs of every child and that it can actually be detrimental to put each child into the same situation so that they have to do the same type of education even if it doesn’t work for them.

One thing that often happens in situations like these is that people are not able to get the education that they need because it is not affordable. People who are unable to get the food that they need to be able to survive are certainly not going to be able to afford a private education for their children. Betsy DeVos wants to make sure that even poor children can go to private school by creating voucher programs for them to get the most out of their education. It is something that she has been committed to from the first day of her philanthropy. Read more about her philanthropy at MLive.

Another aspect of the philanthropic ventures Betsy DeVos has been able to do is the fact that she has been influential in creating charter school opportunities. She recognizes that not everyone is able to learn the same way. For those people, charter schools seem to work best. They get the high quality that comes with a private school. This is all done in a free setting that is similar to a public school. Classroom sizes are smaller, though, and children can get the attention that they need while they are attending the charter school through the district.

Duda Melzer, Serving Country and Family

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is a successful family based entrepreneur from Brazil. Being the CEO of Grupo RBS and also the founder of e.Bricks Digital, he certainly has taken on a large task. Duda’s refreshing approach to business is seen in his leadership. His belief is that the family unit is the backbone of his business. The primary business of Grupo RBS has been around for nearly half a century. Duda succeeded his uncle as CEO and chairman of the board of directors in recent years. After reorganization, he also formed e.Bricks Digital as a segway into the digital media market.

Duda Melzer’s remodeling served its purpose well. e.Bricks Digital has provided venture capital funding to Brazilian businesses needing to become established online. This required establishing a formula for online success to be certain that these businesses would be successful online. After establishing rather stringent criteria, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer picked several winners to receive funding. Among these businesses are a wine distributor and a contemporary art show in Porto Alegre. Although nearly any type of business is allowed to apply for funding, the actual approval process is limited to businesses that can prove a track record of success in traditional business. They must also show a promising future online. Visit Valor to know more.

According to Globo, while Duda Melzer may seem as if he’s all about business, he’s a family man as well. He has two children he enjoys spending time with. He’s also involved in his family’s charity of the Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho Foundation. The group works with Brazil’s government to raise awareness of social issues affecting the country’s youth. Going above and beyond is nothing new for Duda. He graduated from Harvard University with an MBA and has continued his education beyond the graduate level. Receiving accolades throughout the years, Duda’s persistence and hard work continue to benefit his country, his family and himself.

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Oncotarget’s Expanded Subject Matter Reflects Success Within the Scientific Community

Oncotarget is a medical journal which has historically focused on oncology, and all research related to cancer. However, they have recently opened up to include the medical fields of Neuroscience, Cardiology, and Cell Biology, as well as several other medical specialties. The success and positive reception of the journal by the scientific community might be one reason for the expansion.

Oncotarget was first published in 2010. It is a peer-reviewed journal, meaning that each article is reviewed by several scientists, providing a rigorous filter for scientific articles. This fosters community dialogue, scientific accuracy, and the spread of knowledge. Historically the journal has accepted and published articles about the pathology of cancer. The articles relate to how cancer progresses within the body, and different ways to target the disease and treat it with pharmacological means. Research regarding therapeutic agents has been a main point of focus for the published articles in the seven years since the journal first started. Follow Oncotarget on Twitter.

How does a publication such as this one maintain the rigor of its peer review process?

The materials that they publish are often cutting edge research, just introduced to the field. They are dealing with treatment options for cancer patients, and evidence of therapeutic agents success or challenges in treating cancer. These challenging subject matters are put through the peer-review process under the guidance of the principles of COPE. COPE stands for the Committee on Publication Ethics. Oncotarget subscribes to the principles that COPE puts forth, including the standards for the way editors manage the position of leadership within the journal.

COPE sets out a code of conduct which states that all editors should consider seriously the responsibility that they hold within the scientific community. The code of conduct specifically calls editors of medical journals are “guardians of biomedical science” and says that they must make sure that they take steps to make sure that practices within the publishing process are ethical. Oncotarget adheres to these principles. Oncotarget is a valuable member of the scientific community because they help to distribute material in an ethical manor. The expansion of topics that the journal will cover speaks to their success. Visit his profile on Google Scholar.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall and its Significance to Brazil

Roberto Santiago was raised in the Brazilian City known as Joao Pessoa. He began his career in entrepreneurship when he kick-started a cartonnage company at an early age. He started by manufacturing and designing cardboard folding cartons that were utilized by various organizations he supplied them to. Roberto Santiago has delved into real estate as he purchased a massive plot of land in Joao Pessoa and in the year 1989, he established on of the Landmarks in the city known as the Manaira Shopping Mall. Santiago attained a Business Administration Degree from the University Center of Joao Pessoa.

Roberto Santiago has established the Manaira Mall and groomed it to be the most massive mall in the Brazilian state known as Paraiba. The mall is also one of the biggest in the whole of Brazil. The building of the mall began in 1987, and it was not completed until two years later. Marinara Mall consists of a massive food court, numerous amounts of options for shopping, a college, fitness center, and even a bank. A lot of residents in the state see the mall as a place to pay a visit to on a daily basis. Read more on

The Domus Hall is a space which is air-conditioned and created on the mall’s roof. It was finished in the year 2009. The hall consists of adequate space to accommodate conferences, concerts, exhibits and a host of others. The Domus Hall can efficiently accommodate more than 9,000 individuals in its structure which is two-stories. It also consists of a mezzanine level which consists of individual cabins where private affairs and lounge music take place. There is also a ground level for more massive public occasions. It comes equipped especially for theatrical productions and concerts because of its acoustics and sound equipment which are quite advanced.

The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping comes with some options for entertainment which consist of a movie theater which displays recent shows and a massive area for gaming. The section for gaming consists of a bowling alley and an electronic amusement park which is fully equipped.

In the year 2008, 2012 and 2014 the food court was widened to ensure there were restaurants that could suit any appetite as well as budget. The food provided consists of high-end dining at restaurants which include Waynes, Capital Steakhouse, and Gourmet among others. There is also an availability of fast food fare.

There is an activity to suit everyone at the Manaira Shopping Mall. There can be sports gear, clothing, furniture and many others located in the mall. The mall is home to the College Higher Education of Paraiba so frequently there would be faculty and students visible around the mall.

With the establishment of the Domus Hall, the city has been offered the capacity to draw in music groups which are very talented both from the international ground as well as Brazil which may ordinarily not have come. Robert Santiago has provided the community with cultural experiences they may never have gotten.

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Securus Technologies – Offering Law Enforcement Agencies with the Technology they Need

The world of inmate communication and correctional technology wasn’t given much attention by the technology companies, even when other sectors continued to develop and improve greatly with the help of modern technology. However, Securus Technologies changed all that and since the time of its inception till now has played a vital role in bringing world-class products and services to the correctional space.


The law enforcement agencies are also provided with investigative tools and database management services by Securus Technologies that helps them perform optimally and safely. These technological advancements are essential in today’s world for the police and law enforcement officials to perform efficiently and have an edge over the criminals, who also are known to use the latest technology to bypass the laws.


Securus Technologies provides a wide range of services such as phone services, video services, photo sharing services, kiosks, money transfer services, calling cards, parolee tracking service, government information systems management, and more. Such services are crucial for the correctional space to continue to function efficiently. Many of the services offered by Securus Technologies are known to help tremendously with keeping the crime rate low in the communities as well as inside the prison. As per the statements of many law enforcement officials, Securus Technologies has played a crucial role in reducing the inmate-on-inmate crime rate inside the prison.


Securus Technologies is also the winner of the Golden Stevie Award for the best customer service, which goes on to showcase the dedication and commitment of the company towards its customers. The company won the Gold Stevie award the first time it participated in the competition, beating over two thousand other companies from various industries and from all over the world. At present, Securus Technologies serves over 1.2 million inmates in North America and has more than 3,400 law enforcement and correctional agencies as its customers.


In a news release Securus Technologies published online recently, the company took the excerpts from the letters written by the law enforcement officials to the company. These letters by law enforcement officials clearly showcase what the officials feel about the services of the company and how the services of Securus Technologies is helping the law enforcement agencies to work efficiently. There are many different investigative and crime prevention services that the firm offers to the law enforcement agencies. It helps the officials to work efficiently and safely, and also gives them an edge over the miscreants.


The field of correctional technology is advancing rapidly, and it is helping the society in ways more than one. First of all, the new crime prevention technology would help in reducing crime inside the prison as well in the society. It is a necessity going forward, and Securus Technologies is doing a good job of providing high-end security technology to the correctional space.

Bob Reina Goes Into Great Length About His Business

Bob Reina probably wasn’t the first person that the IT world thought would really make his imprint on video email and live chat marketing, but his dedication to a company he thought up with an off-the-wall idea has created a buzz in nearly every corner of the video marketing spectrum. His company, Talk Fusion has several video products including video email recording, newsletters, one-on-one chat and live meetings, and signup forms for eCommerce websites. Bob Reina has been interviewed several times about his work and Inspirery is one of the latest media sources to speak to him.Learn more :


Reina said he left his former job as a police officer because the long hours and rather slim paycheck limited what he truly wanted to do with his dreams. He had been a part of several multilevel marketing companies before building Talk Fusion, but all of them were unsteady and some ended up folding. It was while viewing a house in North Carolina and being unable to send videos he had taken of it through AOL’s mail that Reina decided video email and mass communications would be his company niche. It was with the aid of his friend Jonathan Chen, a software developer that Reina had his Talk Fusion products hit the market.Learn more :


Helping people succeed by promoting Talk Fusion’s multilevel marketing model and bringing ideas to the company that everyone believes in are what really drives Bob Reina. He said he brought Talk Fusion into the mainstream by first telling his former coworkers on the police force about it, and then spreading the word from there. Reina believes in the power of personal stories to get audience’s attention and storytelling is one video marketing trend he’s written about in various columns. Reina is an author for the Huffington Post and from time to time contributes columns to MarTech Advisor.


Reina has always been active in his Tampa community as both a donor and a volunteer. He loves animals and has given millions in charity to the Tampa Humane Society and has been seen at local shelters. He also sponsors orphanages in east Asia and also launched a donation initiative to help victims in the Nepal earthquake a few years ago.Learn more :


Norman Pattiz is a Hulking Pillar of Networking in the Broadcasting and Advertising Media Industry

Norman Pattiz is like a massive tower in the broadcasting entrepreneurship industry because of the fresh breath of air and energy he keeps on infusing in the television world. His recent exploit of initiating the beaming of American-oriented televised messages to the whole of the Arab world is just one case among many.

According to Bloomberg, Norman Pattiz has established an American owned network of radio and television services that will disseminate the right democratic policies the US government is aiming to take to that part of the globe.

The keen interest he has in matters of news and information started in 1976 when the modest radio station he found developed into a major broadcasting syndicate which is presently the largest organization of radio networks in the USA.

The network of television stations that are not commercial like the CNN is the kind of enterprise he has in mind for the venture in the Middle East. Apart from the new network, he is deeply involved in other networks such as the Voice of America, Radio Free Asia, and Radio Free Europe.

In the past, both President Bush and President Clinton consecutively appointed him to the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States, a powerful organization that oversees all stations that broadcast global non-military affairs.

Currently, Norman Pattiz is riding high on the wave of podcast advertising after the release of study results about the impact of advertising messages through podcasts.

The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of PodcastOne, Mr. Pattiz commissioned Edison Research to carry out a comprehensive survey of the significant benefits advertising by podcasts had on the ability of consumers to recall unique brand messages relayed in the format.

The research brought on board five major national consumer brands in the product distribution and service provision categories. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

The outcome which was jointly announced by the Vice President of Strategy for Edison Research Mr. Tom Webster and Mr. Norman Pattiz the veteran broadcaster showed interesting trends. The focus of the survey was on both pre-campaign and post-campaign analysis of consumer reactions to grocery, lawn, and garden, financial, and an informal dining restaurant.

For the grocery brand, over 60% of the interviewees showed a preference in the post-survey analysis over the pre-survey campaign. Unsupported awareness of a financial service showed a 47% in the pre-study, and for a garden and lawn product distributor the index stood at 24% in the post-survey, and 37% of the respondents in the post-study showed a preference for a vehicle aftermarket distributor service. The survey was carried out in 2016.

The Facts about George Soros

Fact is always stranger than fiction. This is true for all sciences, from biology to chemistry. This truism also includes sociology, politics and history. And, there is no better example of this than the lifework of one George Soros. In a sense, it all ends where it begins. And then it moves around the world.

More specifically, his origins are Budapest, Hungary 1930. Where, George Soros lives uninterrupted with his family for 14 years. That is until the Nazi occupation of his home land forces his family to relocate to London, England. Once there, his life resumes with a new appreciation for getting the fullest value of every advantage offered. Of course, successful education and employment fall in suit.

The field of choice is finance and the institution in question is the London School of Economics. Soon after graduation, gainful service with Singer and Friedlander becomes the day-to-day activity. With time and a reserve of resource, he goes for the best and moves to New York, NY to work on Wall Street. Leaving Wall Street, George Soros finds being a portfolio manager with Arnhold and Bleichroeder more agreeable. And for a while, his life is more or less like any other where work, family, stability and security becomes the name of the game. However, his success does not stop there. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

After trekking cross continents to escape dangerous injustice and sailing oceans to land on the shores of privilege, George Soros rises in business and power. At the base of his tower is the Double Eagle Fund, which he turns into the Quantum Fund, along with the help of a fellow Bleichroeder colleague. This same colleague also has a hand in the starting of Soros Fund Management. Most importantly, this is around the time that George starts to put his hand on the wheel so to speak.

In time, the result of George sitting in the captain’s seat is the establishment of the OSF (Open Society Foundation). The very first of these foundations to be built stands in his Homeland. However, the foundations’ crown jewel rests in New York. The foundation’s purpose is to see that freedom, democracy, rule of law; human rights, social justice and social responsibility are known and practiced by all. It achieves this goal by making sure that particular organizations receive the funding that they need to do the work they believe in.

The organizations that benefit from the OSC run the gambit where their agendas are concerned. Some groups are fighters that explicitly and rightfully take issue with United States government policies and actions. Others are more about seeing social changes within the nations of the US. Others still make it their mission and focus to simply improve the quality of life and medicines available to their fellow man across the globe.

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Why Lori Senecal will be Celebrated by CP+B’s Professionals as her Leadership Tenure Ends this Year

Lori Senecal became a part of CP+B’s leadership team in 2015 as CEO. She is regarded as one of the founding global CEOs of the MDC Partners subsidiary. Before her appointment, she headed MDC Partners as president and CEO, a role that she continues to play beside her CEO role at CP+B.

In a recent statement released by CP+B, Chuck Porter, the company’s chair and co-founder, expressed his views regarding Senecal’s leadership tenure. He said that Senecal was the perfect executive to run CP+B, a company driven by nimbleness and flexibility of a budding enterprise.

Senecal’s Career Achievements at CP+B

Lori Senecal played a crucial role in ensuring that American Airlines signed to CP+B as a client in 2015. American Airlines, a leading provider of air transport services in the U.S., previously sought advertising services from TM Advertising. Senecal was also praised by CP+B executives like Chuck Porter for her role in developing a future-oriented leadership team for the advertising agency.

As a way of implementing Senecal’s leadership development strategies, CP+B promoted Danielle Adrich to the president of CP+B West. Aldrich was also involved in the signing of American Airlines as a client of the ad agency. She will head the operations of CP+B West, which comprises of CP+B Los Angeles and CP+B Boulder.

About Lori Senecal

Before joining CP+B, KBS sought Lori Senecal’s advertising expertise when she worked for the agency as the global chair and CEO. She facilitated the growth of the agency’s professional team. Due to her impressive leadership skills, the New York-based company earned several accolades. These include appearing in AdAge’s Standout Agencies list and Crain’s Best Places to Work in NYC list. Senecal also served as the president of McMcCann Erickson New York-based subsidiary.

Senecal won awards such as the Quantum Leap Award for Leadership and Innovation. She was also listed on AdAge’s list of Women to Watch for her exemplary performance as an executive in the advertising sector. These awards and accolades came after she held the global chief innovation officer position during her tenure at McCann Workgroup. She previously held board membership roles in 4A’s and Ad Council Board of Directors.

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